AAron G. Harrell (Author)—Biography

Born January 16, 1969

AAron is from Boston, MA. He was born the second son to Marvin and Barbara Harrell. He grew up with his two brothers, Derryck and Michael.
During the 1970s, the city of Boston was fueled by racism, and its school system was one of the lowest ranked in the country. AAron was placed into a bussing system called Metco. The Metco system was designed to ship inner-city students to suburban schools to receive a better education, and to begin an integration process between blacks and whites.

AAron was educated in the Newton school system, in which he excelled. He was popular among his peers and was part of breaking those racial barriers. In 1987, he graduate with honors and was inducted into the book, Who’s Who, Amongst High School Students, in the United States.
He was ranked in the top five percent.

After high school, AAron attended Virginia State University, where he majored in commercial arts. Not much of an artist, he found more interest in creative writing. At the age of twenty one, he began his first book. Like most aspiring authors, AAron struggled to get a book deal, which resulted in rejection letter, after rejection letter. With his future unclear, he began to travel. It was then that he began to write his most conscious work.

AAron published his first book in 2010, The Testimony of a Villain. He found strong interest in suspense and crime novels. While he worked on other crime fiction books, he had an urge to write about a near death experience he had when he was younger.

When he finished, he was a little uneasy about it. It was something that he had never shared with anyone. He put the document away; never to allow a person to read it.

Then one day he was moving, and a friend came across it. She asked AAron could she read it, in which AAron said yes.

The next day, the women told him that it was a fascinating piece of work, something very few had experienced. She suggested that he publish it, because it would be a disservice to people wondering about the afterlife, who could never experience it.

It was then, AAron agreed to edit and publish Manifestations, Life after Death.