Extremely thought-provoking!
By Jamaica – November 13, 2013
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Before I began reading, I was extremely confused by where the short tale was going based on first glance. However, once I started reading it became very clear to me. Although it is a bit short every page kept your mind wondering. Not only about where people go after death, but also about one’s purpose on earth. This is definitely a must read. It will keep your mind active and engaged the entire time.

With An Open Mind [Heart]
By Michael Steward – November 18, 2013
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There is an unspoken plea for the reader to approach with an open mind and a nonjudgmental resolve to effectively participate in the journey of discovery. Intriguing and thought stimulating at the very onset. The beauty of literature of this type is that if one approaches the subject with an open mind and restrains oneself from predisposed biases, the journey then becomes one of intrigue, enlightenment, thought stimulation, and challenges of pre-accepted systems of belief. Kind like how one should approach the careful study of the Scriptures as recorded in the Bible. Just think about the type of responses felt by average professing Christians when exposed to the “non-canonical” books that were left out of the finished compilation which many know as the “Authorized King James Version of 1611.” Because these lost/forgotten writings do not follow the mainstream literary style, many have regarded them as heresy and made up stories filled with bizarre events and characters. But, when one allows their mind to be open to the possibilities of truth yet revealed unto them, then a read such as this one will certainly provoke one to further study and research of the subject without formulating premature conclusions before the whole matter has been explored. Such is life. For we are ever evolving as we experience life. The Creator of all that is living would have it this way. I’m excited to continue reading the pages beyond the introduction of this great literary piece.