Heaven and Hell

This work of eschatology is unmatched. Where one may look at the Bible orQu’ran or Ramayana and read about the afterlife, Jesus talks about it. The prophet Muhammad talks about it. Rama is in a war over it.

Yet, what is it that they really say? Ultimately, if you do good works you go to heaven. If you do bad works, you go to hell.

The concept of Heaven and Hell are not mentioned in Manifestations, Life after Death. Could it be that they do not exist? Or perhaps we may need to change our concept of heaven and hell.

According to Manifestations, even in the afterlife a good soul can suffer if it does not strive to be a master; and in the afterlife this presents a higher challenge.

Recent Reviews

Extremely thought-provoking! November 13, 2013

By Jamaica

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Before I began reading, I was extremely confused by where the short tale was going based on first glance. However, once I started reading it became very clear to me. Although it is a bit short every page kept your mind wondering. Not only about where people go after death, but also about one’s purpose on earth. This is definitely a must read. It will keep your mind active and engaged the entire time.